Novel predicts current events

Cryptocurrencies, Self-driving Cars & Murder, is being validated by current events. Let’s check my scorecard.

1.       Novel: The detective used facial recognition to identify his first suspect. News: For the first time facial recognition caught someone entering the US on a fake passport. Check it out here.

2.       Novel: The criminal had a slight limp. Artificial Intelligence was used to find him in crowds. News: A newsletter I get says, “Gate Analysis can identify people in a crowd by how they walk.”

3.      Novel: The International Monetary Fund has the world go to a special cryptocurrency instead of each country having separate currencies. News: The World Bank has gone to BlockChain to sell their bonds more easily and cheaply. Check it out here. BlockChain is not a cryptocurrency, but cryptocurrencies use BlockChain to keep their accounts straight.

4.      A novel that’s coming soon: One of the characters jokes that Amazon and Starbucks decide to float a cryptocurrency called ammobucks. News: Rumors are increasing that Amazon will do something in cryptocurrencies since they acquired various Amazon/cryptocurrency domain names last year. I definitely think they should use BlockChain to manage their complex supply chain. Read more here


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