She Is Brilliant: An Artificial Intelligence Mystery is now available.

Julie Ames, a brilliant grad-student, boldly proposes an artificial intelligence simulation can do a better job than our stalemated Congress. She assigns 50 individual AI bots, each representing a state, to study gun violence and propose effective gun control legislation. The simulation is barely started when it appears one bot has perpetrated violence against two other bots. Has Julie inadvertently created a bot psychopath or is it just a prank by the IT techs? The CIA suspects meddling by a foreign government.  Julie must find out.

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Novel predicts current events

Cryptocurrencies, Self-driving Cars & Murder, is being validated by current events. Let’s check my scorecard.
1.Novel: The detective used facial recognition to identify his first suspect. News: For the first time facial recognition caught someone entering the US on a fake passport. Check it out here.
2.Novel: The criminal had a slight limp. Artificial Intelligence was used to find him in crowds. News: A newsletter I get says, “Gate Analysis can identify people in a crowd by how they walk.”
3.Novel: The International Monetary Fund has the world go to a special cryptocurrency instead of each country having separate currencies. News: The World Bank has gone to BlockChain to sell their bonds more easily and cheaply. Check it out here. BlockChain is not a cryptocurrency, but cryptocurrencies use BlockChain to keep their accounts straight.
4.A novel that’s coming soon: One of the characters jokes that Amazon and Starbucks decide to float a cryptocurrency called ammobucks. News: Rumors are…

Your Cell Phone Location is Private

This week the Supreme Court ruled that police need a warrant to access your cell phone location log. What is this about and why do you care? Let me break it down.
Cell towers constantly monitor your cell phone location handing you off to the nearest tower. Chief Justice Roberts, said it creates a “detailed chronicle of a person’s physical presence compiled every day, every moment over years.”… this achieves “near perfect surveillance,” but, because phone companies collect it for every device, “police need not even know in advance whether they want to follow a particular individual, or when.”
You should feel a tiny bit better. Had they ruled opposite, it would have opened the door to everything about you, logged on the internet, as public. Don’t feel too comfortable though. Your location, who you text or talk with, everything you look at, and buy is constantly being logged someplace and looked at by software, usually to sell you something. And if you are deemed a terrorist, no warrant is…

Connecting Writers With Hollywood

I went to a Connecting Writers with HollywoodConference last weekend. Part of the conference was pitching our books to agents and media producers. We got ten minutes to pitch our books. If interested, they could request a manuscript to read.Then they might choose to buy an exclusive option to make a TV movie (12 months) or a screenplay (18 months). Here were my results: A producer from LA was delayed by a traffic accident getting to the airport. He requested the pitch in writing by email.A producer for North by Northwest Media in Spokane requested the manuscript after I pointed out it could be set in any big city, like Seattle, with Nak being a homeless teen.A screenplay agent ( Devil Wears Prada) interrupted me after three sentences and spent 9 minutes telling me how I should have pitched the book; quite a learning experience.I discussed the concept for She Is Brilliant (a Christian analogy) with the founder of Christian Cinema. He liked the concept but since it doesn’t fit the buyin…

My Novella as Screenplay?

Next week I’m off to a conference to pitch Cryptocurrencies, Self-driving Cars & Murder to an agent and a movie producer; should be a fun experience. If you haven’t posted a review yet, I’d appreciate one this weekend.

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Many Thanks

A big thank you to Liberty Bay Books and everyone who came to help me launch my new book, Cryptocurrencies, Self-driving Cars, & Murder! It was great fun!