Connecting Writers With Hollywood

I went to a Connecting Writers with Hollywood  Conference last weekend. Part of the conference was pitching our books to agents and media producers. We got ten minutes to pitch our books. If interested, they could request a manuscript to read.  Then they might choose to buy an exclusive option to make a TV movie (12 months) or a screenplay (18 months).
Here were my results:
  • A producer from LA was delayed by a traffic accident getting to the airport. He requested the pitch in writing by email.
  • A producer for North by Northwest Media in Spokane requested the manuscript after I pointed out it could be set in any big city, like Seattle, with Nak being a homeless teen.
  • A screenplay agent ( Devil Wears Prada) interrupted me after three sentences and spent 9 minutes telling me how I should have pitched the book; quite a learning experience.
  • I discussed the concept for She Is Brilliant (a Christian analogy) with the founder of Christian Cinema. He liked the concept but since it doesn’t fit the buying pattern of the Christian market he wants to think and talk later. The Shack didn’t fit either.
In all it was great fun learning about a whole new world out there.